I retrained as a counsellor thirteen years ago studying for my certificate then my diploma in person centred counselling in Carlisle. There are lots of different kinds of counselling. I chose to train in the Person Centred Approach because it is the one I fundamentally believe in.

Person centred counselling is based on the belief that each of us is the expert on our own life and that we have the power to find the best solutions for ourselves. As a client most of the talking is done by you. I do not give advice or solutions but listen carefully and work with you. The relationship between us is key and that is why it is so important to find a counsellor you feel you can work with.


Learning more and ongoing training is an integral part of my practice. I have specialist training in Bereavement and loss, self harm, suicide, adult survivors of sexual abuse, trauma and recovery, and have experience working with other therapies which I can offer if they can be of use to you.


In employment my experience has been within primary care on the NHS and with the Bereavement counselling organisation, Cruse. In each workplace the issues were wide and the people coming for counselling were from all backgrounds and all ages. My experience in both organisations and my own life experiences shape my practise as a counsellor.


M.A      DipCouns     MBACP